Travel Tips For Packing Luggage – Packing Tips For Your Vacation

Before you head out on your next vacation, here are some travel tips for packing luggage.If you have babies in diapers, pack an extra suitcase just with diapers. As you use them up on your trip, you can have some extra space for items you may purchase.To quickly spot your luggage at baggage claim, buy the most obnoxious loud color you can find. This will help you in two ways. One, you will be able to easily find your bags, and two, anyone thinking to steal someone’s luggage will not pick such an obvious color.Another tip to easily find your luggage is to tie a bright ribbon on the handle or wrap it around your bags.If you are flying, do not pack any sharp objects into your carry-on luggage unless you never want to see the item again. It will be permanently donated to the airport.If anyone asks to take your luggage, be sure they are who they say they are. Ask for identification. Thieves sometimes go around impersonating tour guides.It’s a good idea to put an emergency set of clothes and toiletries into your carry-on just in case your bags get lost. But no sharp objects, don’t forget.You may think a wheeled bag looks geeky as opposed to a nice shoulder bag when it comes to carry-ons, but after traipsing all over the airport with your heavy bag, especially if it contains such things as a laptop or other electronics, you will be thankful for the wheeled geeky carry-on!On an airplane, sometimes the storage area under the seats is narrower in the aisle seat. So for more storage, get a window or middle seat.For more travel tips for packing luggage, try to pack only what you love. If the clothes have been hanging in your closet for months and you never wear them, what makes you think you will wear them on a trip? This is a mistake I have made countless times. So stick with what you love, you’ll travel lighter and actually use what you take along with you.It is worthwhile to purchase quality luggage. I know it’s tempting to cut corners by purchasing your luggage at a discount store, but in the long run it will pay for itself. You’ll make it to destination after destination with all your belongings intact.Don’t forget to check with your airline for their particular weight limits for luggage. All the travel tips in the world won’t be helpful if you are packing 75 pounds of clothes into your luggage when the weight limit is 50 pounds.Remember that you can usually do some laundry at your hotel or travel destination. This may help you pack a little lighter.To avoid wrinkles, try rolling your clothes instead of folding.Pack some comfortable shoes, or better yet, wear them and pack plenty of comfy socks. Especially if you plan to do a lot of walking.Don’t forget your prescription medications as well as a list of them which you should keep with you.Don’t put valuables into checked luggage if possible. Keep them with you or in your carry-on bags.I hope you can use the travel tips for your next trip and be better prepared when packing your luggage.

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